Little Switzerland, 226A, and NC-80

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Total Time:  7 hours + stops
Roads Hit:  Poplar, Shulls Mill, 221, Hanging Rock, Double Island, Crabtree, 226A, 80, Blue Ridge Parkway

Part 1:  Boone, NC to Little Switzerland, NC – 3.5 hours

Travel out from Boone down local favorites Poplar Grove and Shulls Mill where you pick up the winding and twisty 221.  Follow that along the side of the mountain down through Linville.  Hop on the straight section of 221 for a bit outside Linville to be rewarded with Hanging Rock Road.  Another straight section of 19E takes you across to NC-80 and back down Double Island Road.  One more bit of fun on Crabtree Road drops you into Little Switzerland, where you can grab a bite to eat and enjoy some scenic views before continuing your day.

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Part 2:  226A and NC 80 – 1.5+ hours

When you’re done with lunch at Little Switzerland, head down 226A (and back up it) as many times as you’d like.  Then jump onto the Blue Ridge Parkway across to NC-80; also known as “The Devil’s Whip” and another great road to run up and down again and again.  Keep an eye out for Blind Kenny Photography grabbing some great pictures of your ride!

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Part 3:  Return to Boone – 2 hours

This trip can be long and languorous, or quick and direct.  Up to you.  Usually after a long day of driving hard, a nice easy cruise along the Blue Ridge as the sun is going down is very relaxing.

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