What is Miatas in Boone all about?

Simply put, the main focus of this event is on the driver.  MIB aims to make a distinctive mark in the Miata community by bringing together folks that love to drive with the twisty mountain roads of Boone, North Carolina and surrounding areas. We want to bring you in to a special community, share local knowledge, and hope you can enjoy what we have come to love about this place.  We’re a tight-knit community of enthusiasts; brothers and sisters with one hand on the wheel and the other rowing the gears.  We love being on the back roads, in the mountains, and riding the curves.

Our goal is not to cater to all. We do not gather for show-n-shines, group photos, or parades. Other regional events exist for those purposes and we want to stand out in our own special way. MIB is purely about bringing driving enthusiasts together; the good times are yours to have as you see fit.


Below are some testimonials from last year’s event.  We hope we can put the joy of driving on your face this year, too.

[With] the unbelievable generosity and love of this group, I had an absolutely great time that I’ll never forget!

As always, by the end of the final day of MiB, I was completely worn out. I was tired. But it was the kind of tired you can only feel after you have devoured the best of life, and sucked the marrow from the bones of fun. I cannot express the satisfaction I get from MiB, but it takes me weeks to be able to get it off my mind and focus on this so-called “real life”, again.

Some coworkers asked how my vacation was. I told them I got up early each day and spent hours in the car, stopping mainly to pee. The looks of horror were very entertaining.